Location: Dahn & Ludwigswinkel, Germany
Client: Unterpetersbächlerhof
Interior design: human.touch.interiors


The Unterpetersbächlerhof is located about two kilometres south of the core community of Fischbach near Dahn in the idyllic Palatinate Forest. The site was used as a customs yard for a long time due to its proximity to France. Today, the Southern Palatinate/Alsace region is known for its special nature and culinary delights. Since 2014, the site and the buildings have been completely renovated and refurbished – with the aim of creating a special holiday home in the midst of the unique Palatinate nature. These 25 unique Holiday apartments are designed in a country house style and show a lot of different beds and sitting furniture of the Sophisticated Living collection.

cozy and stylish

in a country flair
with antiques and art