LOCATION: Nuremberg, Germany
Foto: Grand Palace Royal


A wonderful source of vitality at home

Here you can relax with all your senses: Sauna, steam bath and whirlpool with a cozy relaxation area and juice bar. And all this in a wonderfully oriental, sensual atmosphere.
Sophisticated Living supplied upholstery for a wide variety of living areas for this project. Whether the mattress and cushions made to measure in outdoor fabric for the lounging area by the pool, the seat cushions for the checkroom area in the hallway or a fitted INFINITY sofa landscape and a bedroom ensemble with bed and room-wide headboard - all made to the client's wishes.

Upholstered reclining mattress


Made to measure and fitted into the tiled floor niche.

The water-permeable foam cushions for the spa area are covered with outdoor fabrics from JabAnstoetz, color-coordinated with the wallpaper and the anthracite-colored tiles in the wellness area.




Back cushions


Matching to the design of the wallpaper and the dimensions of the reclining area. A perfect place for yoga, meditation or aromatherapy.



Come in and forget the daily grind.


Sofa modules made to measure
into the prefabricated niche

custom-made living

elegant design aesthetics

clear functions

Upholstered in room width

Padded wall element

Vertical modules
design headboard

Minimalistic elegance



Clear lines and shapes create a modern appearance – purist furniture and architecture often feature simple, straight lines.


Focused interior design: Each room is clearly defined and used for a specific function, without unnecessary distractions or clutter. Open spaces and good permeability are important for the purist living style. The upholstered stool from the MOTU series fits in perfectly with this.