Public Spaces

Roastery café


Passion for coffee

The scent of coffee is just the initial moment when our senses are awakened. In this beautifully designed roastery, the MOTU seating elements provide visitors with a cozy spot to chat. Harmonizing in color, the space invites you to linger.

The velvety soft upholstery named Moontrace by Carlucci in a warm rust tone creates a pleasant lounge atmosphere in the room. The modules are currently connected, yet can be freely moved and combined to create other seating arrangements.

Coffee is a drink that connects people all over the world and transcends cultural boundaries.

It is fascinating to see how a product as simple as coffee has such a strong social and cultural significance. In many countries, coffee is more than just a drink - it is an integral part of daily life and a symbol of hospitality and conviviality. People come together to chat over a cup of coffee, exchange ideas or simply spend time together. These social bonds created by coffee are universal, regardless of geographical or cultural differences. Overall, coffee is a powerful symbol of togetherness and a source of inspiration for dialog on global issues.