Modern Real Estate

LOCATION: Karlsruhe, Germany
Interior Design: human.touch.interiors
Foto: Thomas Berger
Loungesofa Local

Puristic living

This was the express wish of the clients for this project. They wanted a minimalist and pared-down aesthetic that dispensed with superfluous elements and instead emphasized clean lines, simple shapes and a restrained colour palette.

A few, carefully selected pieces of furniture and accessories characterize such a purist living style. The motto is "less is more", with the function of each item taking center stage. The focus of the entire interior was on the large living room with the expansive sofa area for the family of five.

It was also important to choose natural materials for the furnishings: despite the minimalist aesthetic, wood, concrete, glass and metal were to be used to bring warmth and texture into the room. The neutral color palette dominates the purist style, with white, gray, beige and black used frequently. These understated colors create a calm and timeless atmosphere.