Sophisticated Living

Dedicated to the love of water, waves, and nature, the creative team designs and distributes living and bedroom furniture. They give all their products names inspired by surf jargon because, ultimately, sitting and lying on them feels as if you're in harmony with your wave: at the right time - in the right place! Sophisticated Living is a family-owned company, founded in 2006 by CEO Ralf Hüllemann, and has been steadily growing to become a prominent player in the industry.

Let us inspire you

Solid Wave Sofa weiß mit Decke
Sofa Solid Wave in creme Armlehne mit Kissen
Solid Wave Sofa weiß mit Decke und XL Kissen

Couch Solid Wave

cozy sofa
homely and comfortable

Dropin kubisches Loungesofa türkis
Solid Wave Sofa mit Decke und Kissen in weißem Leinenstoff

Sofa Solid Wave

3-seat with large duvet
w250 d125cm
Leinenstoff weiß hellblau

The magic is in the detail

Shaka Bett in grünem Leinenstoff schwarze Metallfüße in warmem Licht

Bed Shaka

cozy upholstered bed
designed by Saskia Thomas
Kopfteil Wandverkleidung kapitoniert mit zwei Betten und Nachtschränkchen
Solid Wave Sofa mit Decke Leuchte schwarz Polsterhocker Malia Backflip Ferienwohnung

Sophisticated Living is a furniture brand where functionality, quality, and design are the central principles in the development of their upholstered furniture. This results in a unique furniture design. Through the skillful combination of various furnishings, a variety of living styles are created! Our designer furniture is designed to be individually adjustable. This way, your new designer furniture seamlessly integrates into your existing living environment. Depending on your needs and the model, you can adjust all elements with millimeter precision. Thus, you can assemble furniture pieces that precisely fit your space.


Our passion lies in designer furniture and interior design, and we place great importance on customer satisfaction. Therefore, we provide you with the expertise and professional advice of a renowned designer furniture manufacturer. We are happy to assist you in implementing your projects with expert guidance and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding individual products and materials.

Design is the perfect synthesis of form and function, combining aesthetics, innovation, restraint, and durability – and much more. In designer furniture, not only does the elaborate design and development play a crucial role, but also the selection of premium materials and the precision of the manufacturing process. Our design bestsellers embody these outstanding characteristics and features. Our extensive range of designer furniture offers a wide variety of styles, from modern and minimalist to traditional and extroverted.