Bespoke Furniture

Tailor-made upholstered furniture
for furnishing experts


As a manufacturer of exclusive upholstered furniture, Sophisticated Living produces made-to-measure upholstered furniture – individually tailored to your needs, down to the smallest detail according to your ideas, wishes and specifications in terms of design and comfort. With us, you get customized individual pieces and series from a single source – from concept to delivery. Because we draw on a broad concept portfolio, we offer you excellent value for money and fast on-demand production. Together, we make exclusive furniture dreams come true for sophisticated living spaces!

Everything that is upholstered …

In our upholstered furniture manufactory we produce individual unique pieces for you: sofas, armchairs, upholstered benches, box-spring and frame beds, mattresses, upholstered walls, headboards or back panels to lean against, cushions, blankets, plaids and much more.

Every detail is customizable

There are no limits to your imagination when designing your dream furniture – right down to the smallest detail: you can specify the dimensions as required. In the same way, we coordinate the interior, from the wooden frame to the upholstery, individually with you. You can choose from thousands of colors, fabrics, leathers and other materials, or supply them yourself (white upholstery production). You are even free to determine details such as feet etc.

Furniture for people

Our made-to-measure upholstered furniture has its place wherever people work together, hold conferences or presentations, rest, relax or are guests: In business and office spaces, doctors’ surgeries, car dealerships, public facilities, lounges, restaurants, hotels and many other sophisticated living spaces, Sophisticated Living’s individual solutions ensure style and comfort.


We are the right contact for all interior design professionals who are looking for a competent upholstered furniture design workshop:

  • Architects & interior designers
  • Interior designers & interior decorators
  • Hoteliers & restaurateurs
  • Wohn- & Pflegeheimbetreiber
  • Schreinereien & Küchenbauer
  • and much more

How your project works with us

Customized unique pieces made to order: As a manufacturer of exclusive upholstered furniture, we support you from the initial idea to the finished piece of furniture, relying on partnership-based cooperation, flat hierarchies and short communication channels.

  1. It all starts with
    your idea

    You show us what you have in mind: with the help of pictures, scribbles, mood boards (e.g. from Pinterest) or with plans that have already been worked out in detail. Together we will discuss your budget and the desired time frame for implementation.

  2. We develop
    a concept

    We start planning together with you. In our design workshop, we first clarify the technical feasibility and check whether we can adapt existing furniture concepts from our series production or develop a completely new piece of furniture for you. Once this decision has been made, we create a professional, tailor-made furniture concept for you.

  3. A first look at
    your furniture

    To bring your idea to life and give you an idea of what your furniture will look like later, we visualize our concept with the help of drawings and material samples.

    If we develop your piece of furniture from scratch, we produce a prototype that is already very, very close to the finished piece of furniture – with the original materials, the same upholstery, etc.

    We then discuss this with you and make any necessary adjustments until our joint concept is ready for production.

  4. Exact cost &
    time planning

    We calculate the exact costs for our joint project. We include all prices for materials, production, service and delivery.

    This means that we give you a single, reliable price. We also discuss the fixed timing until delivery. If everything fits, you commission us and we go into production.

  5. High-quality
    production in the EU

    To avoid long waiting times, we order all the necessary materials, such as fabrics, leather, furniture feet, etc., as soon as you place your order. The team at our upholstered furniture factory in Latvia then gets to work immediately. Here we have everything under one roof: sewing, carpentry, pre-upholstery and upholstery. Thanks to production in the EU, we benefit from short distances and guarantee you the highest quality.

  6. Your furniture comes
    to you

    We deliver your finished piece of furniture to the agreed address at the agreed time. Now you can enjoy your new furniture to the full …

    … and you can be sure of it: We are delighted with you! Feel free to send us pictures when your new furniture is exactly where you always wanted it to be. Perhaps you would even be interested in publicizing our project with us?

    In any case, your feedback is most welcome, as this is the only way we can continue to develop. Feel free to write a review on Google and in the social media. If, contrary to expectations, something is not perfect, please contact us. We’ll take care of it for you – guaranteed!

Have we aroused your interest?

Individual, custom-made, top quality – upholstered furniture from Sophisticated Living meets even the highest demands and is perfectly tailored to your needs. Would you like to work with us? Then get in touch with us and we’ll discuss everything else in person!


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