Create your own bed
with Cooper bed system
designed by SL Designstudio

Create your own personal dream bed from countless combinations of frames, supports, headboards, footboards and coverings.

Colors and fabrics are our passion. Interior design is much like high fashion in that no look is complete without the right “wrapping”. Colorful or muted, patterned or solid, linen or cotton, water-repelling or flame-retardant, velvet or velour – or perhaps leather? Our specialty is variety.

COOPER Bed can be called a bed system. The upholstered frame for is available in two ion variations for individual sleeping and living needs. Optionally you order your bed for slatted frames with a frame height of 22 or 32cm. Otherwise you can choose a rigid slatted frame that is already integradted as standard and can be folded up. The latter model therefore offers an additional bed box as an invisible and easily accessible storage. n addition, one of 18 headboard designs can be selected.

Choose your bed

frame & headboard

cover material & colour
dimensions & feet