large, ultra-soft upholstered pillows
beautifully designed and practical
easy removed covers
designed by Saskia Thomas

With large, ultra-soft upholstered pillows zippered to the headboard

The headboard is tilted back at the perfect angle for settling down to read a good book or watch TV. It's very easy to remove and clean the covers - not only for the ultra-large flange pillows, but also for the entire upholstered bed frame. In short, this bed is both beautifully designed and practical.

It's guaranteed to make you want to spend more time in the bedroom.

The name of this product “Shaka” refers to a hand gesture – a greeting often used in Polynesia, especially Hawaii. This typical hand gesture, since modified by local surfers, stands for an “A-frame”. An A-frame is a wave with a perfect structure that breaks symmetrically in both directions. The wave breaks at a single point and can be surfed to the right and left of that point. Since the middle finger is the longest finger on the hand, it represents the peak of a wave, followed by the index and ring finger when the hand closes for the shaka greeting. It symbolizes surfing a wave on the left and right side of the peak. The thumb and little finger represent the frothy seawater that sprays out from the tunnel (aka barrel or tube) when the wave breaks hollow.