In 2005, I decided to use my 22 years of experience in the furniture industry to establish Sophisticated Living. I wanted to create personalized designer furniture so that I could offer exclusive hand-made custom furniture while providing excellent value.

Where do I feel at home? On the water, surfing. That’s why all our product names come from surfing jargon. They are a daily reminder of the importance of being at the right place at the right time. Surfing is more than a sport; it’s a deeper appreciation for life.


How would you describe sophisticated living?
Individual, authentic, creative and … vibrant!

What’s the connection between surfing and furniture?
In surfing, you have to focus on the wave, stay in the moment and become one with sea and its motions. No wave is like any other; you can’t stop to think, but have to respond instinctively to the water’s movement. It takes tremendous creativity to constantly change perspectives and shift your point of view. Every person is different and so we have constantly reinvent ourselves in this regard, too.
Your favorite sofa and why?
Solid Wave – for me, it embodies freedom, personality and change.

What does #beingathome mean to you?
#Beingathome means to be together with my family. But I also feel at home while surfing in the water. The challenge of surfing lies in the absolute concentration on the wave, the moment and becoming one with nature and movement. None is ever the same - you do not have time to think and have to react to the dynamics of the water. To change the point of view and the perspective from time to time. So my home is constantly changing. Everybody knows that if you are living with children and grandchildren. It is a constant change. For me this means happiness and being home.
Your vision?
„Take the moment and make it perfect!“